Spin putt vs push putt

Spin putt and push putts are the two most commonly used putting styles in disc golf. But which one is best? Well, that’s a question I got asked alot, and the answer to that is:

It depends on many factors, as they both have their strengths and weaknesses. So, you should aim to get good at them both, that will give you a big advantage in your putting game.

To see better when and why to use the spin putts or the push putt, we listed some pros and cons for them both.

But before we look at that, I just want to say that it’s also important to find a good putter that feels right for you, this will help you to become consistent in your putting game. The putter you choose should feel good in your hand and give you a good grip.

Now, let’s jump the pros and cons for the spin putting and push putts.

Spin putting pros

– The spin putting technique is Beginner-friendly. The spin putt is easier to learn, because this throwing technique involves a more natural movement, that most people are familiar whit.

– More Distance potential. When using the spin putt it’s easier to make the longer putts, because of the added speed and glide the spin provides. Making it a good choice for outside the circle putts.

– The wind is also a factor when choosing what putting style to use. Spin putts are the best choice when putting in a tailwind, Since the spin putts are thrown in a straighter line and released in a more flat angle, the wind will have less impact on the flight of your disc.

Spin putting cons

– Because of the added length you get from the spin putts you are also punished harder if you miss the basket.

– Some players also say that the spin putts will give you more spit-outs because of the high speed and spin in the disc.

– It’s harder to be consistent with the spin putts, simply because of the added movements involved to create the spin in the disc.

Push putting pros

– It’s easier to become consistent in your putting. Whit the push putt technique there are fewer moving parts in action, therefore making it easier to become consistent in your putting.

– You won’t be punished as hard If you miss a putt whit the push putting. If you miss with a push putt you, would most likely lie at a tap in.

Push putting cons

– The headwind will impact the flight of your disc more when you push putt, because of the nose up angle in the disc.

– Less effective for outside circle putts (10 meters / 32 feet)
Due to the lack of speed and glide needed for the disc to fly/glide at longer distances, it becomes harder to make them longer putts.

As mentioned before, both the spin putting and push putting have their strengths and weaknesses. So try them both and figure out what works best for you. But optimally you should learn and master them both.


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