Looking to buy your first disc golf bag? Or just want a new one? Then we have three really good disc golf bags for you here In this article, we have three recommended bags that are in different price ranges and sizes.

What to look for when buying a disc golf bag

Find the right size, buying a bag that holds 30 discs when you only have 5-10 may not be your best choice. So find the size that fits your needs.

The price. A disc golf bag typically cost anywhere from $20-$150, depending on size and fabric quality.

Good Padding. Make sure the bag has good padding or at least a shoulder pad on it, this will make the bag so much better to carry around on the disc golf course.

With that in mind let’s take a look at our top 3 recommended disc golf bags/backpacks.

MVP Disc Sports Voyager

The Voyager V2 is a medium-size disc golf bag and can carry up to 20 discs. This bag is made in very durable fabric and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

– Heavy-duty padded straps and back support

– 3 Convertible upper and putter pocket closures

– 2 Large drink holders

– Excellent tipping resistance and durability

– Full-width access to all discs in the main compartment

Whit the MVP Disc Sports Voyager V2, you will get a lightweight backpack that has a very good quality. This is also a very comfortable backpack to carry around, thanks to the heavy-duty padded straps and back support.

You can get the Voyager V2 at Amazon for $139.95

Innova Adventure Pack Backpack

In the lower price range, we have the Innova Adventure Pack Backpack. This lightweight bag weighs only 2 pounds and can hold up to 25 disc golf disc.

– 4 zippered pockets including the main compartment, and a adjustable Drink Holder

– Padded Shoulder Straps and Top Handle

– Front Putter Pocket

If you’re looking for a good quality bag without spending too much money on it, and also don’t need to carry more than 25 discs and a lot of equipment, the Innova Adventure Pack Backpack is a good choice.

You can buy the Innova Adventure Pack Backpack at Amazon for $39.99

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

If you want a small bag to carry only a few discs, then the Kestrel Disc Golf Bag a great choice. This small disc golf bag can hold 6-10 discs.

– Two separate pockets allow for quick access

–  Adjustable strap for shoulders of all sizes

– Water Bottle holder

– Made in durable materials

You can get this bag on Amazon for $24.97


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