Playing Disc golf in the rain

Disc golf in the rain

Like any other outdoor sport, disc golf is at the mercy of the elements. Still, many disc golfers are out playing disc golf no matter how the weather is, while some people don’t play unless the weather is good.

I also used to play only when the weather was good. That changed fast after I played my first tournament, that of course was on a rainy day. Since I had almost no experience playing in the rain, my game was bad, and so was my final score.

After that horrible tournament (score-wise), I went out on rainy days and played disc golf, and I even found it to be just as fun to play disc golf in the rain.

Let us see what we can do to make sure we have a fun and successful round of disc golf on those rainy days.

3 tips for playing Disc golf in the rain 

1. Keep yourself and your equipment dry.

Wear some waterproof clothes to keep yourself as dry as possible, it’s also smart to bring an umbrella to keep yourself and your bag from getting soaked in water.

The same goes for your discs, throwing wet discs can be really frustrating, so try to keep them as dry as you can and make sure to bring some towels to dry them with.

There are also Hand dry bags, dirt bags, whale sacs, and more products to use that will keep your hands dry.


2. What disc golf discs are best to use in the rain?

There are different preferences on this of course, but there are some plastic types that just are better to use when playing disc golf in the rain.

Here are some examples of discs/plastics that will give you better grip when its wet:

– Discmania D-Line plastic.

– Innova discs DX plastic.

– Dynamic Discs Prime plastic.

There 3 plastic types work very well when playing disc golf in the rain. See also our Disc golf plastic guide here

3. Good footwear is important

Having a good pair of shoes is always nice to have when playing disc golf. When it’s wet and slippery around on the course and tee pads, having good footwear is very important.

Something like these Camel Crown Hiking Shoes, that provides good stability and anti-slipping ability.

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Some final tips

– Bring some extra clothes for between and/or after your rounds.

– As I wrote before, remember to bring a towel to dry off your discs with. Even better, bring several, just make sure to keep them dry.

– Remember to drink water, its easy to forget to drink water when it is raining (fact).

– It will rain and you will get wet, try not to think about that and just have fun playing disc golf.

– Think about your safety when your out playing disc golf in this weather.

Playing Disc golf in the rain can still be fun, even if it’s rainy. Thanks for reading.

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