Overstable and understable disc golf discs

Overstable and understable disc golf discs

If you play disc golf for a while, you have probably heard someone talk about understable and overstable discs, but what does that mean?
In this article, we will help you understand what overstable and understable discs are and what makes them overstable and understable.

Overstable discs

Let’s start with the overstable discs. In this example we’re using here, we are throwing a right-handed backhand (RHBH) and we’re throwing an Innova Firebird, the firebird flight numbers are 9 | 3 | 0 | 4, this is a typical overstable disc.

Now, imagine we are standing on the tee pad and were ready to throw our drive off the tee, we’re releasing the disc on a flat angle, and since this disc is overstable it will at high speed naturally turn and finish to the left. This is how an overstable disc is supposed to fly.

An overstable disc that is released in an anhyzer will also eventually flip over and finish to the left. Discs that have a 1, 0, or even -1 in turn rating are overstable discs.
there are also other factors that will determine the overstability of a disc, such as plastic-type and weight.

Overstable discs are your best choice when you need your shot to finish to the left. Also when playing in headwinds your best off throwing an overstable disc like the Innova firebird, to make sure it won’t turn over.

Understable discs

Then we have the understable discs. Let’s use the same example here, where we are throwing a right-handed backhand (RHBH), but now our disc is the Innova Tern.

The flight ratings for the Tern are 12 | 6 | -3 | 2, this is a typical understable disc.

Now, we’re back at the tee pad and ready to make our next drive from the tee, we’re also this time releasing the disc on a flat angle, but since this disc is understandable, it will at high speed naturally turn to the right. And this is what we call an understable disc.

An understable disc released in a hyzer angle will at high speed often fly in a straight line, but It may fade to the left at the end of its flight, also called a hyzer flip.

Understable discs are a good choice for beginners. Beginners and players with slower arm speed will get a longer and straighter shot out of understable disc golf discs.

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I hope you got a better understanding of what an understable and overstable disc is, and the difference between them. Thanks for reading


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