Why should i clean my disc golf discs?

Why should I clean my disc golf discs? firstly, because having your discs fresh and clean is just better than having them covered in old dirt and grass. Secondly, this also helps to keep your disc golf bag cleaner. There are also other benefits to cleaning your disc golf discs.

One of them being, that by washing away the dirt on the disc, the grip will often be better. I have also seen discs so full of dried mud, that it significantly altered the flight path of the disc. This was of course an extreme case, but it just shows that it can happen.

How to Clean your disc golf discs

Keep your disc golf discs Clean

1. Fill your sink with warm water, but not so hot that you can’t put your hand in it (you can also use a bucket or something else to fill up with water) and add some dish soap to the water.

2. Put the discs in the water, and brush of the dirt with a sponge or something similar to that. Just make sure it’s not made out of hard materials, so it doesn’t scrape and damage your discs.

3. Take them out 1 by 1 and dry/clean them of with a towel. Now, you can put your shiny “new disc” back in your bag (that we also made sure to clean before we put the discs back in)

When washing your putters we recommend not using soap in the water! it’s important that the tackiness and grip of the putters stay the same as it originally was.

Clean disc golf bag

Disc golf tip – Always bring a disc golf towel or two in your bag, so you can dry your discs before putting them back in the bag.

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