Want to learn how to play disc golf or just want to know more about this game, then you’ve come to the right place. We have put together a post on how to play disc golf for you here.

What is Disc Golf?

How to play disc golf

Disc Golf is a sport that has exploded in popularity over the last decade. Disc Golf resembles Golf in a lot of ways, the scoring system and layout are almost identical.

In Disc Golf you use different types of discs (Frisbees) for different types of tasks depending on what stage you are in the game (Putters, Mid-range discs, Fairway drivers, and Distance drivers) these different types of discs will also have their own unique specs which dictates how the disc will glide through the air (Speed, glide, turn and fade)

The scoring system

In Disc Golf your goal is to have the lowest score possible. On each hole you have a set “Par” this varies depending on how demanding the hole is. Par 3 is most common for most holes and is the lowest Par, it can also go up to Par 4, 5, and so on.

Par on the hole tells you how many throws you have in each hole to get Par. On par 3 you have 3 throws to get 0 points, every throw over the set Par gives you +1 point and every throw under par gives you -1 point. The fewer throws you have the better (lower) your score will be.

That means on a par 3 hole you have 3 throws to get par, which is 0.

If you use 4 throws on that hole, you’ll get one over par, which is +1.

And if you manage to do it in only 2 throws, then your 1 under par, which is -1.

Disc golf scoring terms

Ace is when you hit the hole (Basket) with one single throw from the Tee


Where a player is one throw under par (-1) on a single hole.


Where a player is two throws under par (-2) on a single hole.

(or double-eagle) – Where a player is three throws under par (-3) on a single hole.

Where a player is one throw over par (+1) on a single hole.

– Double Bogey
Where a player is two throws over par (+2) on a single hole.

– Triple Bogey 

Where a player is three throws over par (+3) on a single hole.

The Tee

A Disc Golf tee is the starting position of every hole on the course. The tee box is a pad that can be made out of several different materials, like artificial grass/turf, concrete, asphalt, rubber, gravel, and so on.
The PDGA recommends that the tee box be no smaller than 1.2 meters wide by 3 meters long.

Mandatory (Mando)

A mandatory is where you have one or more trees/poles in the fairway that must be passed to the correct side as indicated by an arrow. If you fail to hit the Mando on the correct side you will receive a penalty throw (+1) and have to throw from the last Lie or from a designated Drop Zone.

Out of Bounds (OB)

The Out of Bounds rule is where you get a penalty throw (+1) if your disc goes OB. The OB is a marked line(s) (Often sideroads, water, marked up lines, etc.) that exist throughout the course.

If you go OB you have to throw your next shot from where the disc went Out of Bounds or throw from a designated Drop Zone.

The different types of Disc golf discs

How to play disc golf

Distance Driver

Distance drivers is the disc with the greatest potential to travel the longest distance of all the discs.

These types of discs require you to throw them at high speed for the discs to have the intended flight characteristics. The distance driver is a great disc to use off the tee where you have an open field ahead. If thrown at the right speed, it can go a long distance.

Fairway Driver

The Fairway driver as the Distance driver has the potential to travel a great distance.

The Fairway Driver is on the other hand much easier to control because it travels at a slower speed compared to the Distance Driver. The Fairway Driver is a good choice where there are obstacles in the path.

Midrange discs

The Midrange discs are a great choice for a lot of situations.
The Midrange will not punish you as hard as the Distance Driver and Fairway driver will if thrown inaccurate and they are easier to control.

Great for getting through tight obstacles and getting a good landing for a putt.
The Midrange discs usually have smaller rims that feel more comfortable to most people.


Getting good at putting is probably the most crucial part of the game.
Putters are by far the deepest and slowest discs and are used to throw short but precise throws when you approach the Basket or when you are going to stick the landing.
Choosing a putter that feels comfortable throwing is very important as your putting skills will greatly impact your overall score.


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