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Looking for a good pair of gloves for your disc golf rounds? We have for the last week been testing out the Friction Gloves, in cold and snowy conditions.

Disc golf Gloves

This is what they say about their Friction Gloves at their website

Our Friction DG’s feature grip on the throwing fingers to provide excellent control of the disc for both forehand and backhand throws. Friction DG’s are available for just your throwing hand or as a complete pair. They are allowed in PDGA play. They are fantastic for playing in wet, cold, dusty, or humid conditions. Bring consistency to your game with a consistent grip in every condition! 

After a week of testing them

Is the grip good? Yes, very good, even when the discs are wet the grip is till great with this glows.

Will they keep my hands warm? When it’s not too cold outside they kept me warm, but when I was playing my rounds when it was 14°F / – 10°C and colder, they didn’t help too much on the cold.

All in all, i think they are worth a try if you’re looking for some disc golf gloves.

Customer reviews from Amazon

You can get the Friction Gloves at Amazon.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

“I use these gloves exclusively for disc golfing. They are very durable, moderately warm, fit very well, and grip my discs very well so I can drive and put my discs with great confidence. Five stars.”

“Customer service is top notch! I had a tear in my last gloves and the pads wore away quickly (within 1 round) and as soon as the folks at Friction heard about it, they had another set on the way. The gloves are really grippy (on some rubber and grippy discs, it can be a little too much), but they hold wet discs like there is nothing wrong. Very happy with both the product and the company”

“I have been using these for not quite a month so I can’t attest to their durability. But they are not showing any wear. They add consistency to my grip on all throws, so much so that I can hardly putt anymore without wearing them. They don’t have much thermal value, which may be good when it warms up and I still want to wear them. I definitely will be using them as much as possible in my disc golf game.”


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