Disc golf retriever

Disc golf retrievers are a must-have for many players, I included. Where I play disc golf, there is quite a lot of water on and around the courses. So I am always carrying with me a disc golf retriever in my bag.

If you’ve played disc golf for a while, you probably lost a disc or two in the water. So, you would agree that losing your discs in the water isn’t fun. It’s even worse if you can see it but you can’t reach it, and eventually have to leave it there.
Luckily, there are a lot of good disc golf retrievers on the market now to help us whit this.

In this post I will show my favorite Disc golf retriever.

The Dynamic Discs Golden Retrieve

The Golden Retriever by Dynamic Discs is a foldable contraption that retrieves discs out of the water and takes minimal space, The Golden Retriever can recover discs from out of the water which may be up to 50 feet from the shore!

You can see how the Golden Retriever works in the video below (A funny commercial video from Dynamic discs)

The Dynamic Discs Golden Retrieve is available at infinitediscs.com for $22.95

There are also several other retrievers out there on the market. you can find more at disc golf retrievers infinitediscs.com or Amazon.

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