Disc golf rating

Disc golf rating
Disc golf rating

How to get a player rating on disc golf?

Played disc golf for a while, and are now ready to get your rating in disc golf? In this post, we will show you where and how to get your disc golf rating. We will be showing you how to get a PDGA rating and rating in the Discgolfmetrix.

PDGA rating

Your PDGA Player Rating is a number that shows how close your average round scores are compared to the course rating, called the Scratch Scoring Averages (SSA), of the courses you’ve played in the competition. Players who average the SSA on courses played will have a rating of 1000 and are considered “scratch players”. A player who averages scores lower than SSAs on the course they’ve played will have a rating over 1000. 

Players who enter a PDGA sanctioned event will automatically get their results entered into the rating system. However, only ratings of current PDGA members will be published. Your first rating can be calculated after just one valid round of tournament play. It will be posted on your player profile along with your tournament results the next time the ratings are updated.

This information were taken from pdga.com

So, to get an official PDGA rating, you need to be a member at pdga.com to get your ratings published.

Metrix rating

The Metrix rating and the PDGA rating are on the same scale. But they are not quite the same.

With PDGA, you are rated in a competition in comparison with other players. With a Metrix rating, it’s in comparison with the course rating. The Metrix rating does not depend on how the other players next to you are doing (in that particular competition)

PDGA changes its ratings every month, while Metrix calculates them every night at 3 am. Even though the calculation principles are different, PDGA and Metrix ratings tend to come out quite close. In Metrix, it changes more quickly and includes less important competitions.

The Metrix rating for a player is calculated as follows:

Take the average rating of the last 16 games (for an 18-course).

If the player has played in a competition with less than 18 baskets, take as many competitions as needed so that the number of baskets multiplied by the number of competitions exceeds 16*18=288 baskets.

The same applies, if rounds had more than 18 baskets, then fewer rounds are included.

To get a rating for a competition, you must play on a course where the rating has already been calculated. See more on that here.

Ratings are received only at competitions with a minimum of 10 players. Training rounds do not count towards ratings. Note! The course will get round ratings with less than 10 players if other conditions match.

This information were taken from discgolfmetrix.com.

Hope you learned how and where to get your disc golf player ratings. Thanks for reading

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