Disc Golf Grips

Disc Golf Grips

Disc golf is a disc sport that requires both skill and talent to master. Even though frisbees or discs are something that most of us grow up with and have plenty of fun playing catch with them in our childhood. When it comes to professional or competitive disc golf, it’s a whole different “ball game”.

While at the beginning getting down the basics might be simple but once you pass that initial stage, things start to become more complicated. Having a solid grip and the right technique is really important when it comes to Disc Golf.

Backhand Grip’s

This is perhaps the grip that most people who have ever played with a frisbee are familiar with.

A good backhand grip requires you to place your fingers under the disc and your thumb on the top. There are many variations in the backhand grip if you know when to use them, it can give you an advantage over the competition.
Lets`s learn more about 2 of the most used backhand grips.

Backhand Power Grip

First, we have the backhand power grip this grip is used to achieve a throw that will give you the most distance and good accuracy. These attributes make this grip ideal for throws from the tee; it is also very good for fairway drives.
The idea is to have a strong grip on the disc so that you can use the maximum torque that you can. It is ideal for driving off the tee.

Backhand fan grip

Next, we have the modified fan grip which is ideal for putters and mid-range drivers. This grip gives you more control and allows you to be more accurate with your throw.

This is a YouTube video of Michael Johansen from the Discraft team, describing very well how to do the fan grip.

Sidearm Grip’s

This is a more advanced form of grip and throw. It looks kind of odd, but it is great for certain types of throws. The main idea is to give the disc a flick while only putting two of your fingers under the frisbee. You also have to be very conscious about how you tilt your body to get the maximum accuracy and distance when using this grip.

Sidearm power grip

This variation of the sidearm grip is very effective for drivers.

This grip allows for a more accurate throw due to the more secure and firm handling of the disc. The Middle finger is extended and positioned to where the pad of the finger rests against the inside rim. The index finger is bent and placed behind the middle finger. The index finger job here is to secure more grip.

Sidearm power grip

Traditional sidearm grip

This is a grip that is very effective for putters and mid-range throws. This grip involves placing your middle and index finger under the disc and your thumb on top of the rim of the disc. This way the disc will be tucked in your hand and somewhat fitted to the webbing of your hand.

To elevate your game to the next level it is important to have a basic understanding of all the grips and throws.

We hope that you find this article helpful. Best of luck!


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