Getting good at long distance disc golf drives is something everyone should be practicing getting better at.
There are courses that have insane distances from the Tee Pad to the Basket.
In this article, I will give you some pointers on what you should be training and focusing on to get those long-distance shots!

4 steps to get more distance in disc golf

Practice your technique!

Having a good technique is probably the most important and first thing you should focus on when you are trying to get those long distance power shots.
Even if you try to throw with all the power you have in your body you will not make the disc go a long distance with bad technique!

Tips to improve your technique

A good tip to start improving your technique is to have someone film you, or film yourself throwing a power shot in slow motion and go through the tape and see what you can improve upon!

Having a video to analyze what is wrong with your technique will help you correct that error in no time!

Adding power to the technique

When you feel you have the proper technique down you can now start implementing some power to your technique.

A lot of the distance you will get from the disc will be by having a good technique down but you will also have to practice to get the power needed from your legs, hips, arms, and core to get that power for a long distance drive!
Doing your technique with explosive movement will accelerate that disc to go way further!

Timing and following through.

Timing is crucial to get the maximum distance from your disc!
Timing isn’t only about when you should release the disc but also when you should start your explosive movements in your body.

The first section of your power output should be coming from your legs and following that into an explosive movement in your hips and core.
Doing this will greatly accelerate the speed of your arm without having to make your shoulder and elbow do all the work, this will save your shoulder and elbow from being injured.

Following through with your movement is crucial to get the highest speed possible in your throws!
Stopping your movement when you release the disc is not only gonna make your distance shots shorter but it will also affect the precision of your throws!

Find the right discSpeed and Glide

Disc golf disc speed and vary from 1 and up to 14.
Speed is the rate at which a disc can travel through the air.
The higher the number the higher speed the disc can achieve! Having a disc with the highest possible speed isn’t always gonna make the disc go longer as a disc with high speed requires you to have more power to fly properly!

Glide is the disc’s ability to maintain loft during its flight and is, therefore the best option for beginners to get the maximum distance from your long distance shots!
Glide numbers go anywhere from 1 to 7, with 1 having the least ability to maintain loft while 7 have a very good ability to maintain loft during flight.

You can read more about speed, glide, turn and fade here


Practicing your technique and adding in explosive movements & timing will definitely make your shots get maximum distance!
Choosing a disc with a higher Glide rating will help beginners get more distance from their shots.


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