Common Disc golf beginner mistakes

Just started your disc golf journey? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at some common beginner mistakes, and how to avoid them.

If you’re new to disc golf and want to learn more about what it is, and how to play disc golf. Then you’re welcome to take a look at our beginner’s guide to disc golf.

6 common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them:

Choosing high-speed discs

One mistake many new disc golf players do is to choose the fastest discs they see. It can be easy to go with the discs that have the highest speed and think that they are gonna go the furthest.
Well, this is true if you have a good technique, the required arm speed, and the power to throw them, something most new players don’t have. So, a good tip for new players would be to start whit some slower discs, like a speed 4 – 9 disc. See our Disc golf numbers guide

Full power throws 

Often new players put all their power into a throw, thinking that the more power they use the longer the disc will fly. Tensing their muscles and throwing the disc with full power, only to be frustrated at the distance they get. So, the best way to improve distance is to improve your technique.
As you improve your technique, you will start to gain more distance with less effort, and eventually, you’ll be able to throw them long-distance shoots.

Giving up too soon

Many new players give up too fast. Getting frustrated and angry at their discs for not flying as they want. Be patient and keep on practicing, and most importantly have fun while playing disc golf. Understand that it will take time to improve your game.

Not taking the time to warm up before the round

Not stretching and getting your muscles, joints and tendons warmed up before starting your round, is the biggest reason why people are getting injured while playing disc golf. So make sure you take some time to stretch and warm-up properly, take a minute or two to get your arms, shoulders, and legs nicely warmed up before starting your round of disc golf.

Not taking the time when putting

I see a lot of players have their hands full of discs and other stuff when they are putting. Putting is the most important aspect of the game if you want to have a good score, so make sure to take your time when you’re putting, lay down your discs, and other things you might carry. See our disc golf putting tips article.

Not taking advice from experienced players

This is something new players tend to do often, thinking they can do it all by themself and therefore not listening to the more experienced players giving them advice.
They have been where you are now, so taking their advice might help to speed up your learning process.

To sum up our 6 common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them

– Choose the right disc speed

– Technique before power

– Make sure to warm up

– Don’t give up and have fun

– Concentrate when putting

– Welcome advice from experienced players

I could probably list up 10-20 more common mistakes. But if you can take with you something from the 6 mistakes I’ve listed above, you will have a good start on your disc golf journey. Thanks for reading.


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