Best disc golf basket for home use

Having a disc golf basket at home will give you the opportunity to practice whenever you want. Getting in some extra putting practice will give you a big advantage ahead of your friends and competition.

There are many disc golf baskets to choose from out there now, With a big difference in quality and price. To help you out a little we have selected 3 good disc golf baskets for home use, one in each price range.

Here are the top 3 disc golf baskets for home use. Ranging from $89.95 – $140.

  • MVP Black Hole Pro
  • The Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket Double Chains
  • MVP Black Hole Precision

MVP Black Hole Pro

-Price: $139.95 at Amazon.

The Black Hole Pro is designed for the most realistic putting experience off the course.

-12 outer and 12 inner chains equidistantly oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut throughs and pole bounces

-All-metal construction

-PDGA Approved and built to standard PDGA height and size regulation.

MVP Black Hole Precision 12-Chain Portable

-Price: $119.95 at Amazon

The Black Hole Precision will help improve your accuracy and confidence on the disc golf course by honing your skills during home practice.

– PDGA APPROVED, built to standard PDGA height and size regulation.

The Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket

-Price $89.95 at Amazon.

The Hive Practice Basket is a very economical option for disc golfers looking to sharpen their putting skills. It’s also a great option for temporary pins at tournaments, tournament prizes, schools, or anyone getting started with disc golf.

-The Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket has 12 chains connected together with 2 crossing chains.

-All Metal, All Joints Welded, and a threaded tension system make this a great disc golf putting basket.


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