The disc golf sport is growing very rapidly, and so does the app marked providing us whit more and more disc golf apps. We are trying out new apps every week to find the best ones, so this list will be updated from time to time.

Below are the apps we have included on or Best disc golf app post so far:

Udisc app

The Udisc app is the best out there for keeping scores, tracking stats, finding new courses and information about them. This app can also be used offline.

Here are some of the futures you can find in the Udisc app:

Discover new Courses – Find 10000+ courses worldwide , Instant searching for courses nearby or near any location

Track Stats – Analyze your putting, driving, greens in regulation, and more

Practice Putting – Track and improve your short game.

Find Events – Explore nearby leagues and tournaments to meet and compete with other disc golfers.

Check the Rules – Instantly consult the official PDGA rulebook – even offline.

Use Offline – UDisc works great without an internet connection.

Check out the UDisc app here

Disc Golf Valley – The best disc golf game

Disc golf Valley is a disc golf game designed for mobile devices where players can test themselves against various courses and other players.

The disc golf valley game is made by Latitude 64, and there are therefore only latitude 64 discs to use in the game. But there is still a lot of different discs to use and unlock thru throughout the game.

You can play by yourself, with friends, or in a tournament whit other online players.

When you first start you only a few discs and courses to select from, so the more you play, your level increases, and when you level up you will unlock new courses and new discs to add to your bag.

Here is a youtube video with 2 of my favorite disc golf players playing against each other in a round of Disc Golf Vally.

Disc Golf Vally For Android

Disc Golf Vally For IOS


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