Disc Golf Approach Shots

Approach Shots In disc golf is an important aspect of the game. Getting the approach shot technique tuned in, and knowing when to use it, will help you lower your score in the rounds to come.
One of many mistakes people make when playing disc golf is trying to putt from distances and making the next shot even harder for themselves.

In this article I will go through the approach shots in disc golf and when you should be doing them!

Disc golf Approach shot
Disc golf Approach shot

Getting the Approach technique down

When it comes to laying up/approaching the basket you should not throw whit the same technique you would if you were to throw a distance shot.

When doing the approach shot you should have the shoulder of your throwing arm facing the target like you would if you were throwing a distance shot, but not with the full reach back extension.

Focus on the target in front!
Unlike throwing a power shot from the tee your eyes should always be focusing on the target in front as you don’t need that explosive power to reach the basket when you are approaching.

Release with the nose of the disc up!
Another good tip to have a consistent approach down would be to have the nose of the disc up when you are throwing an approach shot.
By doing this you will more easily get consistent with your approach shots, instead of throwing mindlessly straight for the target having your disc roll, or just fly past the target, making your next shot even harder.

If you keep the nose of the disc up while throwing, it will go high up and keep slowing down as the disc starts to approach the target, making the disc land softly in a good area around the basket!

Keep your wrist over your elbow!
If you have your wrist over your elbow at release you will automatically force the disc to be released with the nose up.
Keeping this in mind as your throwing an approach shot will make sure the disc doesn’t fly past the target at high speed!

When it comes to the approach shot, completing the movement of the shot is super important and helps you get a feel for the power and increasing your accuracy.

Following through with your shots will also make the distance of your throw come automatically, reducing the risk of injury in your elbow and shoulder.

What disc should I use?
When it comes to approach shots, what type of disc you throw isn’t really all that important, whether it be a putter or a mid-range as you don’t need the disc you fly over a long distance.

Get a disc you have good control over that feels comfortable is most important.
Having a stable disc with lower speed is probably going to be the easiest disc to control when approaching the basket.

Make sure you don’t use a “bouncy” disc if the basket is elevated and with a rocky surface that can make your disc roll on you.

The 5 best UPSHOT TIPS from Paul McBeth (5x World Champion) | Disc Golf Tutorial

1. Have your shoulder face the basket
2. Keep your eyes on the target
3. Keep your wrist over your elbow at release
4. Follow through with the shot


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